Amor pa Otrobanda


by Gayle Oseana

This mural was commissioned by Kurt Schoop, one of the owners of Bario hotel. He asked artist Gayle Oseana to create a mural that stands out among the other murals in the area. The gene that Gayle Oseana wants to convey is blessings. She lived up to this by using all animals from different parts of the world in the mural that represent blessings. The animals are; elephants from Africa whale from New Zealand and macaw from South America as they are all godly blessings. She added these animals in her special technique called dot-work. 

About Gayle Oseana

Gayle Oseana is the youngest of her three siblings. Her whole family does art in its own way.  

Artist Gayle Oseana started drawing in 2019 because that year she had an MRI scan of her chronic back pain. This revealed that she had a herniated disc and bone wear. Oseana had to learn to deal with the chronic pain in her back without painkillers, which is why she started drawing. She had only been drawing for 2 years and she was able to create this mural in 2021.  

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