Amor pa Otrobanda

Colorful Steps

by Avantia Damberg

The artists called the stairs it the Colorful Steps of Otrobanda: with each step you become happier and reach your destination in a happy way.

About Avantia Damberg


Avantia Damberg (1977) was born in Leeuwarden, in the north of the Netherlands.


Avantia is a conceptual artist. She is always exploring, searching for beauty and quality, in a very playful way. “People on Curacao seem to have different expectations when it comes to art. The majority seems to expect something beautiful and realistic, painted in bright colors, but I like to break through these barriers. Stimulate people with different concepts. Hold a mirror up to them hopeful that they will recognize themselves.


Avantia believes that art can put people on a different track. Religion is an important source of inspiration to her. She was raised according to evangelical beliefs, with a broad interest in bible studies and she always tries to express her faith in her art. 


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