Amor pa Otrobanda


by Francis Sling

About Francis Sling

Francis Sling (Curaçao, 1979) is a visual artist, working in Curaçao. He studied graphic design at Grafisch Lyceum Amsterdam from 2000 to 2004.

His work is at the very least seductive as well as captivating with an equally strong message. The self-proclaimed poet uses the brush to express his colorful poetry on canvas or any type of surface he’s drawn to. He is also well versed in the ways of sculpting and wood carving, which comes as no surprise. To add a cherry on top, Francis’ other passion, music, comes as easy to him as painting. He has a knack for string and percussion instruments alongside composing and poetry. If painting wouldn’t have panned out, he would have undoubtedly pursued a career in music. 

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