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When will the festival take place?

This year the festival will take place on 2 September 2023.

When does the festival start?

The festival starts and 4 PM and ends at 2 AM.

Where can I make my contribution?

Click this link.

When and where can I get my cup?

Stay pending for this information.

What are the activities on the day of the festival?

You’re in for a treat! We will update you soon on all activities on the 2nd of September!

What is the program?

Stay pending for this year’s programming

Where can I park?

We will update parking information as soon as this is determined.

Where can Kaya Kaya merch be purchased?

Kaya Kaya merch can be purchased at our Hub in Bredestraat, Otrobanda (old MCB building next to the viaduct).

Can I pick up my cups at the entrance?

Yes, you can. However, there will be a long line of people who bought their tickets at the door and that would still need to pick up their cups. To avoid standing in a long line at the festival, we advise you to get your cups beforehand, so you can enjoy the festival.

What is included in the contribution?

Your contribution includes your entrance and a cup. To enter the festival, it is required to bring your ticket AND your cup. There will be no plastic cups at the festival, so keep in mind that you should always keep your cup with you to get drinks during the festival.

What is the contribution at the door?

The contribution at the door is FL. 45,-. So, try to get your tickets in advance.

What is the contribution for kids?

Kids till 12 years can enter the festival for FREE by bringing their OWN CUP. If a Kaya Kaya cup is desired, the contribution for kids is FL. 15,-.

If I leave the festival, can I get back in?

Yes, you will get a wristband when entering the festival. With this wristband you will have access to the festival the whole day.

Is there a shuttle service?

Yes! Stay pending for detailed information.

Bring sneakers

We do not advise you to wear heels. You want to be as comfortable as possible, because there will be a lot to do and see this edition. Bring your walking shoes!

help us by contributing to our goal

The Festival aims at boosting the economic opportunities of the district.

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