Amor pa Otrobanda

Life is a Beautiful Struggle

by Sander van Beusekom

The story behind this mural is that normally, a break dancer and a Ballerina would never dance together as they are completely different. The second house shows how even though they are the opposites of each other, a dance can come forth. The last house with the represents the combined dance of the rapper and the ballerina and the text “Life is a beautiful struggle”.  The bright colors of pink, purple and yellow stand out beautifully against the blue sky. Life is a beautiful struggle is made for the Kaya Kaya festival.

About Sander van Beusekom

Sander is a true Curaçaoan, born and raised on the island and now one of the most popular artists. Van Beusekom trained at the Junior Academy for Art Direction in Amsterdam. Together with his sister Nicole he runs the graphic design agency BLEND Creative Imaging in Willemstad. ”Van Beusekom created several large murals for the Kaya Kaya festival in Otrobanda.

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