Amor pa Otrobanda

Nos Kaya

by Mervin Hous & Jhomar Loaiza

Also in Willemstraat you can see a number of colorful murals, one that reads, “Nos kaya, nan kaya, mi kaya, bo kaya. E kaya tei pa keda”. Translated into English, it reads: “Our street, their street, my street, your street. The street is there to stay.”

About Mervin Hous & Jhomar Loaiza

Jhomar Loaiza was born in Coro, Falcón, Venezuela in 1977. Since he was a child he has had artistic tendencies, perhaps influenced by the abilities that he perceived from his parents. He recognizes teacher Ángel Sánchez, resident of La Vela, one of the first people to teach him painting techniques. 


Loaiza is defined as a self-taught artist, given that his training during his time at the Tito Salas School of Plastic Arts, was very short in 1996. Of his most outstanding facts within his career as an artist, can be mentioned that he has obtained several important painting awards and he has been awarded different distinctions for his contribution to the Arts in the Falcón state. He has also represented Venezuela, in countries such as Mexico, Curaçao and Spain. Currently this artist has been residing on the Island of Curaçao since 2018, where he has made a significant number of murals in different parts of the country, especially in Otrobanda. 

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