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Hey there! Welcome to Otrobanda, the place where innovation and creativity thrive. This neighborhood, fondly known as the “Other Side” of Curacao, has had quite the ride in the 20th century.

In the early 1900s, Otrobanda was buzzing – homes popping up, businesses booming, and the awesome Rif Fort standing guard. It was the place to be! But like in any good story, there were some plot twists.

As the years rolled by, Otrobanda hit some speed bumps. Tough times rolled in, and our vibrant neighborhood had to brave through a few storms. As the century progressed, Otrobanda confronted a series of socio-economic challenges. The district grappled with poverty, crime, and urban decay, which led to a gradual decline in its appeal and, subsequently, its population. But you know what they say about rain – it’s necessary for the rainbow!

And what a rainbow it was when in 1997, Otrobanda strutted onto the global stage as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Now, that’s a big deal! This award put the spotlight back on Otrobanda’s cool architecture and unmatched cultural vibes.
Since then, the neighborhood has been on a glow-up journey, restoring its charm and remembering its roots. The best part? You can feel the energy in the air and the warmth of the community.

So, come on over and see the amazing transformation for yourself. Otrobanda isn’t just a district; it’s a story of resilience, culture, and endless fun.

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