Meet our Vendors/Artists



Alexine Tjon

Alexine Tjon is a self-taught abstract artist born in Curaçao. Working with textures from different mediums and acrylic paint in the enchanting colors of nature has become her passion. Specifically working with her hands inspires her. Her favorite part of painting is when she is one with her painting. Her mission is to do everything in her power to create a painting that gives calmness and happiness.


Quirine Guato

I discovered my passion for painting at a later age; through the years, I have taken various local and international painting classes for further development. My main style is realism, but I’ve dabbled a bit with sur-realism and abstract, I have experimented with different mediums however, oil is still my favorite to work with…just like the old masters. The subjects of my paintings usually gravitate towards my Dushi Curaçao; I’m in love with her and this is my way to profess it.


Gino Faulborn

Let me take you back in time with my local bottle collection, see and experience the silent remains of our local culture


Deidre Polonius

Curaçao native illustrator, Deidre Polonius, expresses her art and creativity through simple and fun line art. Since young she used her hands to draw, color, and to make crafts. She never let her passion for art go away. Now she draws digitally on her iPad. Her work is inspired by people like you, the nature around us and life situations. This will be her 2nd time participating at Kaya Kaya Festival


Sedney Felisie

Visual artist. Sedney completed his education at the Art Academy in Tilburg, Netherlands, in 1986. From 1986 to 2020, he worked as an art teacher in Curaçao. He has organized various workshops for children and adults and provides painting and sculpture lessons in his studio. Over the years, Sedney has painted a lot and currently focuses primarily on 3D works using materials such as concrete, stone, wood, and metal.


Green Phenix

Crafting a Circular Tomorrow. Born from a passion to curb plastic pollution, we've evolved into architects of a circular, inclusive economy, safeguarding oceans and nurturing communities. From plastic waste collection across the island to our empowering learn-and-work programs, we ignite change. At Kaya Kaya, innovation meets artistry, as we unveil products reborn from plastic waste. Over 1000 kg transformed so far, collaborating with the Ministry of SOAW, TUI Care Foundation, and the EU funded RESEMBID programme.

S.F. Passial

Sulin S.F. Passial

Sulin S.F. Passial (1986) holds a B.A. in Art & Media Management from the Utrecht School of Arts and is the owner of Pantalla Chica Productions B.V. A company that manages productions, provides talent through its Agency and provides access to Dutch Caribbean films through its streaming platform ( In recent years, she has worked on numerous local and international projects. She has experience working at Televisa, produced the short film The Legend of Buchi Fil (2009) and the documentary Atardi – Rudy Plaate. With each project she chooses to work on, she keeps the wellbeing and growth of her Island Curacao in mind.


Joke Birza

Joke Birza's idea of crafting creative pieces from oyster shells came as a coincidence when her daughter requested a unique Christmas decoration item for her local business. Following very positive public response and private requests for items, Joke Birza expanded and extended her work. "I keep being astonished by nature (read: oysters) of creating such pure, natural and organically shaped forms, they allow to make sustainable and unique pieces varying from interior decoration items to wearable jewellery."


Ilienne Nahr

I am currently still figuring out if creating my own style or continuing drawing with different known styles is my way to go. I am currently most drawn to the abstract, surrealism, and cubism styles. Another set of favorites is pointillism and mixed media. I enjoy using pencils and oleo/acrylic paint. I have followed lessons by Wop Sijtsma †, Tony Monsanto † and Papy Adriana. Audience feedback has pointed out that they enjoy my combination of colors and brush techniques. After 40 years of working in telecommunication, I now see almost everything with an artistic eye and enjoy the feeling of freedom when I draw.


Shaquil Maria

As a software engineer by day, artist by night, Shaquil uses Blender to craft mesmerizing 3D art. With a focus on human emotions, his works resonate deeply, sparking connections between the virtual and real. His creations blur the lines between the tangible and the digital, inviting wearers to embrace a new dimension of self-expression.


Carlo Walle

I am a photographer and I have been working as a photographer since 1995. Initially drawn to the commercial aspects of photography and I specialized in food photography. These days I’m working in Curaçao and The Netherlands. I’m lovin’ it! In The Netherlands it’s primarily food photography and in Curaçao it’s street photography, portrait photography, corporate photography and the photo gallery. My images are simply what you see, simplicity is what I am all about.


Angelique Felisie

Photographer. Angelique is a passionate nature photographer who captures the beauty of nature through her lens, from landscapes and deserts to large wildlife and details of flora and fauna. Her images not only reflect the magnificence of nature but also convey her love for it. She photographs in Curaçao and in various other parts of the world. Angelique is eager to take you on a journey through the eyes of her camera


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Zarja Garmers-Rojer

As an architect by profession, I have always been fascinated by the intersection of art and design. However, my love for drawing started from a young age, often doodling on any surface I could find. One of my favorite subjects to draw is people. The human body, with its intricate details and endless possibilities, has always fascinated me. I find great joy in capturing the beauty of the body and the expressions that convey a myriad of emotions.


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Rochelle Monte

Rochelle is a passionate painter and businesswoman, who gracefully balances these roles. She brings creativity to life through her preferred medium of acrylic on canvas. She strives to evoke emotions and inspire others to live life to the fullest through expressionism and abstract art. Since 2017, she has actively participated in over 15 group exhibitions, including an international online exhibition in 2021.


Ron Rijks

Ron Rijks had a successful career as tattoo artist in the Netherlands for 35 years and has had a passion for painting for as long as he can remember. He lives in Curaçao since 2017. ‘I find plenty inspiration on dushi Curaçao.’ Ron succesfully captures the soul of the people and local sceneries. Water color has his preference but he also paints with acrylics and oils. During Kaya Kaya he will exhibit paintings from Otrobanda and surroundings.


Mabel Palacio

Art has changed Mabel's life, surviving in this challenging field, learning from her own strength, and maximizing her talent. With discipline and a lot of dedication, Mabel gifts us through her paintings the essence of Curaçao, the colorful architecture, the beauty of its beaches, and all the wonderful things it has to showcase


Merly Trappenberg

Merly, originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela, settled in Curaçao in 1970. She acquired her Civil Engineering degree in Venezuela after returning for studies. Her connection with art began early, engaging with piano at her home country's conservatory. Embracing Curaçao as her new home, she immersed herself in painting, drawing, and ceramics at the "Art Academy of Curaçao". Through her art, she passionately portrays the essence of Curaçao, aiming to preserve its culture and traditions amidst globalization. Notably, her diverse portfolio includes mixed media and nudes.


Tony Welte

Trash-art/crap-art is created from found "trash" and recycled/refurbished/reclaimed and re-loved. I'm a selfmade artist who paints, sculptures, words-creates with pure thoughts from deep inside. There a reflections of my inner thoughts and feelings and give a inner inside like a mirror to the world.


Channon Toulon

Since I was a child, I've been captivated by the world of art and found my true passion in drawing. Following my dreams, I pursued formal education at the esteemed Academy of Arts in the Netherlands. Initially drawn towards Graphic Design for its potential opportunities, I made a bold switch to this field, setting the course for my creative journey. In my artistic exploration, I delight in pushing boundaries and experimenting with mixed media. This dynamic art form enables me to blend various creative mediums, resulting in innovative and unique works that seamlessly merge two or more art forms.


Claire Hol

Claire Hol, better known as ‘Creative Colors By Claire’ She’s an dutch artist who creates colorful art, often inspired by nature. At young age she went to art academy, but chose a different career. One of her goals, when she moved to curacao was to boost her passion again! Her main job is creating murals all around the island, mostly themed with landscapes, flora & fauna. You can find her work at Avila beach hotel, Lionsdive beach resort and many other places. She also uses acrylic- & spray paint to create canvasses.


Jhomar Loaiza

Jhomar Loaiza was born in Coro, Falcón, Venezuela in 1977. Since he was a child he has had artistic inclinations, perhaps influenced by the abilities that he perceived from his parents. He recognizes teacher Ángel Sánchez, resident of La Vela, one of the first people to teach him painting techniques. Loaiza is defined as a self-taught artist, given that his training during his time at the Tito Salas School of Plastic Arts, was very short in 1996. Of his most outstanding facts within his career as an artist, can be mentioned that he has obtained important painting awards, among them his first prize in 2004.

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Monique Harbers

The work of photographer Monique Harbers has been shown in many exhibitions, both in the Netherlands and Curaçao, including a show at the muZEEum in Vlissingen (The Netherlands) and an exhibition at the Bloemhof Gallery. In addition, her photos were displayed at the Curaçaohuis in The Hague and at the artists' lounge of the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival. In addition to taking photographs, she has now also taken up creating stone sculptures.


Maghalie George

Maghalie George is an autodidact sculptor, who works with stones from the Tafelberg. She had three solo exhibitions in Landhuis Bloemhof and participated in various group exhibitions. ‘I love stones and the wonderful sculpting process. I put my soul in what I sculpt. When I see how a form emerges, when I manage to bring out what I saw in the stone since I first laid eyes on it, when during polishing colors appear which up to then were still a mystery,....I feel pure joy and gratefulness.


Bernard Kotmans

Bernard Kotmans, interior designer, concept developer, stylist and art-freak. Walked different creative paths over the years to eventually walk the artistic direction. You will find this in his interior projects and as a designer. For Bernard it is the normal way of thinking, doing, experiencing or delivery of his commercial work where you will always find some art integrated. The dive oxygen tank or the fire extinguisher will get new lives as small side-tables, lamps or liquor bottles. All items used to create these objects are recycled parts and because they are all unique you will never find a copy or second object alike.


Kaiah Maduro

Kaïah is a 15 year old self taught artist that started painting during the quarantine in 2020. Kaïah calls her art "artivism". Which means that she expresses her views and opinions through art. This is her second year participating at Kaya Kaya. This years exhibition is called: Soulwoman The spiritual essence of a person. In her oil paintings she portraits women as kind, nature giving, confident, genuine and understanding.


Ilan Santos Zúñiga

Ilan Santos Zúñiga was born on October 8th, 1983 in Curaçao and lived in the Netherlands from 1987 till 2007. Since childhood Ilan had an interest in art, starting in the form of drawing which led him to discover his passion for photography when he bought his camera in 2010 to capture his daughter’s milestones and growth. Fast forward, Ilan is now specialized in maternity, corporate, portrait and beauty photography, outdoors or in the comfort of his cozy studio.


Mary Alejandra

Mary of B’seen Art is a rising talent with boundless creativity and a passion for self-expression. With a keen eye for colors and textures, she craft stunning resin art pieces that captivate the senses. As a starting artist, she fearlessly explore new techniques with epoxy resin and pushing the boundaries of their craft by exploring with geode forms. Each artwork tells a unique story, reflecting a person’s journey and emotions. Her dedication to art is evident in every pour, and she aspire to leave an indelible mark on the world through their art.





Painting is my hobby since a young age and receive much joy from painting and instructing others. I also give painting lessons and do mural paintings and participated in many workshops and exhibitions at various artistic events. I use acrylic, oil and mixed media paint, but love to experiment with watercolors, pastels and recycled art. I have a passion for the colors of nature, being trees, flowers and birds.



de Sousa

Miah de Sousa

I have been drawing since I was a child and have always been very passionate about art. I get inspired by all my pets and surroundings and especially when I see other people’s art. I like to work with many different mediums but my favorite right now is oil paint and your simple pencil and paper.


Jillian Sparen

My Name is Jillian Sparen and I am 16 years old. I inherit my talent from both of my parents: Wesly Sparen and Marryelma Hato. I started painting and making self-made toys with everything I found in my house or garden. I am an “upcoming young artist” and this is my 2nd time participating at “Kaya Kaya Festival”, My first time I painted a mural at “kura di Shon Ki”, This year I will be in an arthouse. I am grateful to live in this moment.


Suzet Rosaria

Suzet Rosaria, born November 15th 1965, on Curaçao, draws inspiration from growing up in a female centric household. Her work aims to address the colorful beauty of the black Caribbean woman and her experience. After acquiring her bachelors at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Beeldende Kunsten she returned to her birthplace where she’s furthered her artistic practice and passionately teaches art at an highschool.


Rose-Ann Ignacio

Rose Ann Ignacio (b. 1991, Curacao) has been painting since her childhood and has recently started her career as a full-time artist. Working in acrylics, she incorporates bold and daring elements into her pieces. With the use of a very colorful palette, her paintings blur the lines between ambiguous and alluring themes. "It is fascinating how sweets, mouth-watering masses of sugar, can be seen as something childish and playful, while at the same time seductive and sexy, yet addictive and poisonous, but then again delicious and beautiful. These contrasts are what I hope to capture and share with the viewers.”

Luis Alberto
Munoz Zabala

Luis Alberto
Munoz Zabala

If you've walked around in Otrobanda, you've undoubtedly seen one of Luis' works of art. He's spray painted arts at the Viaduct in Otrobanda, the barrels at Augusto Fraai and much more. He is an active participator in Kaya Kaya and brings a lot of worth to the festival every year. Luis is also an Otrobandista!