Amor pa Otrobanda

Sophia Loren

by Viangelo Lomp

Made on the occasion of Sophia Loren’s visit to Curacao for the filming of the movie Firepower in 1979.

About Viangelo Lomp

Viangelo Lomp is born on this Dushi island Curaçao and grew up in the Otrobanda district Much’I Otrobanda”. 

The artists has not only developed a skill in art, he also had a military career. 

In 2013 he started at the Curacao military and in 2014 he successfully completed his training. In September 2017 he was deployed to Saint Martin and Dominica as a supported team to help and rebuild the islands after hurricane Irma.

In the same year he declared “Hoben Prospecto baluarte di Otrobanda” by his positive commitments.

In November 2017 he was allowed to follow the jungle commando training in Martinique.

After he came back to Curacao they promoted him to commander “Sargeant” of the Curacao military Operational Green Troop.

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