Amor pa Otrobanda

Zulaika is Enjoying Life

by Hortence Brouwn

TThe Mama ‘Zulaika’ in Otrobanda got a brand-new red dress designed by Hortence Brouwn who is her neighbor. 

Zulaika is the largest mama (sculpture) that Hortence Brouwn has made, also the heaviest as it is made from concrete. Zulaika has a very comfortable spot as she watching from the ‘Seri’ Otrobanda’; the Otrobanda Hill.You can sit next to her on her comfortable bench and enjoy the scenery she enjoys. Just go chill with this mama.  

About Hortence Brouwn


Sculptress Hortence Brouwn is born in Surinam and has been living and working in Curaçao since 1973. From 1996 until now, Hortance Brouwn has been working as a sculpture fulltime. To be able to get experience, Hortance attended a few workshops but overall she is self taught. 


Hortance Brouwn uses woman and music as her special source of inspiration. While working she listens to classical music in her studio. Furthermore, music is always part of the opening act for her solo exhibitions. 

In the sculptures Hortance brouwn expresses her pride in womanhood in many of her sculptures.

Woman have always been strong in her eyes and in modern times woman have the possibility to play an even more visible role in the society. 

For Hortence women have always been strong, but in modern times have the possibility to play an even more visible role in society. She expresses.


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