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Illuminating Ser’i Otrobanda: How Smart LED Lights Are Transforming The Community

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In the heart of Curaçao lies Ser’i Otrobanda, a vibrant neighborhood with a rich cultural heritage. However, the lack of adequate lighting in many alleys and streets posed challenges, leading to increased concerns about safety and instances of vandalism. In response, Aqualectra and the proactive approach of the Kaya Kaya Organization joined forces to initiate a positive transformation by installing Smart LED Lights, fostering community engagement, and enhancing the neighborhood’s appeal.

The Initiative by Aqualectra, VVRP & Kaya Kaya to light up Ser’i Otrobanda

Ser’i Otrobanda’s alleys were often dimly lit, creating an unwelcoming and unsafe environment for residents and visitors alike. Night-time activities were hindered, and there was a rise in petty crimes, affecting the once-thriving neighborhood’s vibrancy.

Aqualectra, the local utility company, took the initiative to brighten up the streets of Ser’i Otrobanda by installing LED Lights as part of a larger plan by VVRP to enhance energy efficiency and modernize public lighting systems across Curaçao.

Understanding the significance of community engagement and a comprehensive approach to revitalization, the directors of the Kaya Kaya Organization actively collaborated with Minister Cooper and VVRP to extend the installation of smart LED Lights to the lesser-lit areas. The goal was to create a safe and vibrant environment for everyone in the community.

The Bright Transformation: Smart LED Lights

On the 25th of July 2023, Aqualectra continued the installation of Smart LED Lights in Ser’i Otrobanda, marking a significant turning point for our neighborhood. These cutting-edge lights were energy-efficient, using 50% less energy than their predecessors, and boasted impressive smart technology features.

Quincy Sophia, a Project leader, and Albert Francisca, a Field Technician at Aqualectra, shared exciting details about these advanced Smart LED Lights. Each light fixture was installed with a Dali Driver, which connects to its commander, enabling centralized control and real-time monitoring. Thanks to this innovative system, If a light goes out, the Dali Driver diligently attempts to connect to the fixture a few times. If reactivation is not possible, the system will promptly signal Aqualectra’s central control for immediate attention and resolution. This ensures that the streets of Ser’i Otrobanda remain brightly illuminated and safe at all times.

Moreover, these Smart LED Lights have a GPS locator, providing precise location data for each light. 

The brilliance of these Smart LED Lights extends beyond their functional efficiency. Aqualectra can now program these lights, allowing for light displays on special occasions or events. This captivating feature showcases the charm of Ser’i Otrobanda to the world, enhancing our neighborhood’s appeal and cultural richness.

This cutting-edge lighting technology not only illuminates our streets with greater efficiency but also provides an added layer of safety and reliability. As we bask in the radiance of these Smart LED Lights, it is evident that the collaboration between Aqualectra and the Kaya Kaya Foundation has ushered in a new era of progress and transformation for our beloved Ser’i Otrobanda.

The Vision of Director Kurt Schoop

Director Kurt Schoop stated, “I predict an increase in night-time activities and foot traffic in our area, revitalizing our local economy. As our neighborhood regains its vibrancy and charm, others will witness its potential and be drawn to contribute to its growth and development.”


The installation of Smart LED Lights in Ser’i Otrobanda through the collaboration of Aqualectra and the Kaya Kaya Organization exemplifies the power of community engagement and thoughtful initiatives. The once dimly lit alleys now shine brightly, illuminating pathways to a brighter future for the neighborhood. Ser’i Otrobanda stands as a testament to the positive outcomes achieved when communities unite for positive change. We sincerely thank Minister Cooper and VVRP for collaborating to make this transformation a reality for Ser’i Otrobanda.

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